Monday, July 1, 2013


Nowadays, yoga is one of the popular exercises that people like to practice. Yoga helps the exercisers balance both the physical and mental system. Daily practicing yoga would not only refresh your health but also bring exercisers self-consciousness. Yoga was founded and practiced for more than 5000 years.

Firstly, yoga was originated in India. Later, it was known and accepted by millions across the globe as it is a good exercise to balance the physical and mental system. Yoga relaxes the exercisers and releases them from strain, which affects the efficiency of the nervous system. Practicing yoga on a regular basis would reduce pressures of daily life. As a result, the exercisers would learn how to master the right breathing system, which will rejuvenate their health, creative thinking, and good mind.

Advantages and disadvantages of Practicing yoga : Yoga is good for every generation worldwide. It is similar to fitness and gymnastics that its training needs a set of rules. Yoga is an applicable exercise to reduce strain and pressures. It can facilitate you to control your weight and also help you in the right breathing techniques and bring you peacefulness through meditation. The right breathing system is the key point for yoga exercisers all over. After practicing yoga, your body and mind get in touch with each other. This is what we call the body's art of balancing physical and mental health. Your consciousness would be build up little by little automatically. Then you could control and manage your emotions accordingly. Yoga gives you an elevated sense of self-esteem and be friendly to others because of a peaceful mind. Besides, yoga helps you to be able to manage your life efficiently due to a better consciousness.

But there are some dis-advantages or limitations of yoga too. Some kinds of training are not suitable for someone's health conditions. For example, the old should avoid some asanas that are too difficult to master, otherwise it will cause injury to the body. The practitioners should choose and modify the training programm which is suitable for their age, gender and physical conditions.

The right place for yoga training : When you are ready to start training, you should find a quiet and private area that makes you comfortable. It should be a place without interruptions, which would easily by available at home, where you are training.

How long could I reap my benefits from yoga training? :  Of course, it is the same as doing every other thing that it would take some time for you to practice yoga regularly before any changes appear. if you practice yoga on a regular basis, it's certain that you will see the changes in your body soon. You would realize how yoga brings you to be able to control your breathing system, emotions, mind and body on the whole. The more regularly you practice yoga, the faster benefits you would see.
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