Friday, November 23, 2012

Dance your way to beat stress

Dancing helps girls overcome low spirits, stress, fatigues and headaches, besides contributing to their mental health and self esteem, says a study. According to the study, dancing also brings greater poise and capacity to deal with daily problems. 
Anna Duberg, physical therapist at Orebro University Hospital and a doctoral candidate at Orebro University, Sweden, conducted the study.
The study included 112 Swedish girls aged between 13 o 19 years. On multiple occasions, these girls had gone to see the school nurse for symptoms such as anxiety and depression, fatigue, headaches, and back, neck and shoulder pain, according to an Orebro statement.
In the study, 59 of the girls were randomized to a group that regularly danced together two days a week and 53 girls to control group where the girls did not change their living habits. The results indicated that the girls in the dance group, despite all the challenges entailed by being a teenage girl, increased their self-esteem compared with the control group.
The positive effect persisted at follow-ups four and eight months after the dance training ended. Ninety one percent of the girls in the dance group felt that the dance study had been a positive experience. In the long run this may also lead to a more healthy lifestyle.
Source : Hitwada (Stockholm, (IANS))

Monday, November 19, 2012

Radish - A Cure for many ailments

Radish is a very common vegetable found abundantly in winter. Though they are available all round the year the best variety is found during the winter only. They are fresh, white, with plenty of water content and are very tasty to eat. They have a unique pungent and sweet taste. Roadside vendors sell radish by applying pepper and lemon juice to it. Variety of recipes is made by cooking radish and its leaves.
Radish is full of nutrition. They contain anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber. They contain Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, folates, thiamine, riboflavin and minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium and copper.Vitamin C a powerful anti-oxident scavenges the harmful free radicals and protects from cancers and inflammations. They are low in cholesterol, low in saturated fats and low in calories.
Cough : Due to the change in season and the cold weather people often catch cold. Take one cup of radish juice and double the amount of sugar and bring it to boil till it comes to thick consistency. After cooling, store in a bottle. Daily one hour before meals add one spoon of it to a cup of warm water and drink. This will give relief from cough. 
Lose Weight : Radish is low in calories and high in digestive fiber. Eating radish in the form of vegetable is a good option for those who want to lose weight.
De-worming : Drink one cup to radish juice before going to bed. If giving to children it should be 1/4 of a cup for expelling worms from stomach.
Dental problems : Radish contains calcium which is good for bones as well as teeth. To stop bleeding from gums and pus secretion, cut radish into slices and sprinkle little salt and pepper and eat them. This will stop the bleeding of the guns.
Boils and bruises : Due to its anti-inflammatory properties radish can heal boils and bruises just by drinking 1/2 cup of radish juice. Make paste of the radish seeds and add little lemon juice to it and apply on the affected area three times a day to get fast relief.
Gives relief from fever : Owing to its anti-inflammatory properties radish fights against infections that cause fever. Drink a cup of radish juice by adding little black salt to get relief from fever
Kidney stones : Take off the leaves from the stem and crush it to extract juice. Add one spoon honey to a cup of juice and drink it. This will break stones and release through urine.
Scorpion bite : Crush the radish and pour the juice over the bite by adding little salt. Now  apply the crushed radish on the bite and tie the bandage. This counteracts with poison and reduces the paid.
Dog bite : For dog bite crush the leaves of radish and tie a bandage over the bite. This will stop the poison from spreading and also absorbs it from the affected area.
Jaundice : If suffering from jaundice drinking the juice of radish leaves by adding sugar helps in free bowel movement and fast recovery from jaundice. By administering three drops of the juice of leaves in both the nostrils, the yellowness of the eyes decreases gradually.
For new bald head : for those whose hair is receding and becoming bald can take a piece of radish before going to bed, rub on the affected area vigorously and wash off in the morning. If done regularly hair will start growing normally - as told by Dr. Elchuri.
Ear ache : To get relief from earache administer five drops of warm radish juice in the ear. Strain the juice in a cloth and see there are no particles in the juice.
Leucoderma : Make paste of radish seeds with radish juice and apply on the marks. Gradually the marks will disappear.
Joint pains : Make powder of radish seeds and take equal amount of misri (sugar candy) powder. Mix these two and store in a bottle. Take 1/4 spoon of this powder with water daily. This will gradually relieve you from joint pains.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Relax to Reduce Panic at Work

Throughout ages, human body has been found susceptible to various kinds of infections and disorders. Such ailments include both physical as well as mental weakness. Since the declaration of anxiety as a serious physical disorder among humans, we have come through a series of relaxation techniques at work. These techniques consist of both medicinal and psychotherapy forms of treatment.
Anxiety can occur in various real life situations when a person goes through a very uncomfortable situation. Such uncomfortable situations create stressful moments in life. A streak of panic, sudden fear, attention, sweating profusely and a fast beating heart build in anxiety in an individual. Anxiety is commonly known as a mix of uncomfortable situations which a person would like to avoid.
As time passes by, anxiety treatments have come a long way along. Now people, who were earlier considering medication for anxiety-relate problems as the best cure, have proved themselves wrong. With the advent of new-age medication, the strategies to deal with such an ailment have also changed. Relaxation techniques at work are possibly the most efficient for the cure and prevention of anxiety disorders.
Types of treatments : The globally accepted form of treatment of anxiety is the cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and Pshychidynamic or Insight-Oriented psychotherapy. These are being followed as popular as relaxation techniques at work for people suffering and dealing with anxiety related problems. Anxiety can also be controlled and prevented with a variety of natural treatments.
Some of them are : 1) Meditation is one of the best way to keep the mind away from constant worry and reduce anxiety. Practiced since ages it has the power to give an individual a calm ans serene mindset. It helps stop the ongoing anxious clutter.
2) Get an acupunture treatment. Acupuncture reaches the tension points effectively. The needles ease the tense muscles and provide a calm feeling that controls and helps prevent anxiety.
3) Massages are a great way to beat stress. The calm feeling that massages provide relaxes the mind and body. It helps keep anxietyin control and even detoxifies the body. 
4) Some good diaphragmatic breathing can help ease anxiety anywhare. Sit in an open space or well-ventilated room and take some good, long and deep breaths. This will help control anxiety whenever you are.
5) Visualise yourself as a confident and calm person daily. IN no time you will be that person. Your anxiety will be under control by practicing visualisaion daily.
The relaxation technieues at work are different from usual medicinal treatments which comprise of anti-depresant and anti-anxiety drugs. These medicines definitely provide quick relief and certain level of pleasure. However, they have an effect on the patient for a very small period of time and come with a variety of side effects that can provide fatal at times. When a patient is undergoing a serious panic attack, these medicines are recommended under strict supervision of a medical practitioner, under such circumstances, the patient is thoroughly monitored and kep insurveillance at all times.
If an individual cannot deal with the side effects of heavy drugs, then it is a good idea to take up relaxation techniques at work. Medicines provide short term relief and cannot be administered for a lifetime. That is why relaxation techniques at work are helpful. It helps rejuvenate and recover faster. If an individual is not under a severe anxiety attachk, relaxation techniques at work must be considered.
Besides CBT, the other practice for relaxation techniques at work is Phychodynamic or Insight-Oriented psychotherapy which is actually an effective way to assess the pattern of thoughts and actions performed by the patient at different stages. According to the facts collected by the above mentioned relaxation techniques at work, the patient is diagnosed and then treated with utmost attention and care.
By : John Polish

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